Best Animation Training Center in Bengaluru

Awarded the Education Excellence for the "Best Animation Training Centre in Bangalore" Arena Animation Malleswaram-Your Right Choice for an Animated Future… Since its inception in 1996-97 Arena Animation Malleswaram has been at the forefront of the Animation & Multimedia revolution, imparting value based education to respond to the various needs of the ever demanding industry. More details…


ARENA ANIMATION MALLESWARAM IS AN ADOBE TESTING CENTER IN BANGALORE In this competitive world where getting a good job requires the right digital technology skills and knowledge then Adobe Certification is the best way to tell the world that you have the skills that they need. Today's competitive job market considers software proficiency to be essential in landing a good job and increasing your income. More details…

We offer career oriented courses

Arena Animation Malleswaram offers career-oriented courses, World class CG (computer graphics) training facilities in the field of Animation, VFX, Film making, Web & Graphics and other multimedia Software training. that helps you to get your dream jobs.. Animation Film Design Graphics & Web Design VFX Animation Program Animation Program & more...


Students Placement Record

Arena Animation Malleswaram boasts of a very strong placement team which help students apply for various jobs in the industry. To prepare the students to face the interviews confident building sessions are conducted and resume writing sessions are held. Campus interviews and walk-in-interviews are conducted on a regular basis.
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