Broadcast Prime is a comprehensive course that trains you in all aspects of channel packaging and makes you a job-ready professional. The course focuses on the design aspect of digital communication for films, TV and the digital media industry. You will learn the fundamentals & techniques of graphic animation, live-footages, music, sound, electronic and interactive media, and unconventional media tools to create engaging motion visuals for short-form visual communications, entertainment, edutainment, commercials, broadcast and corporate communications.

Average Salary Range: ₹15,000 – ₹18,000


  • Job-oriented, industry centric curriculum
  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools and software
  • Certified faculty
  • Exposure to industry interaction and workshops
  • Placement assistance
  • Access to Onlinevarsity, our exclusive e-learning platform
  • Access to Creosouls, a platform to showcase your portfolio
  • Instant student loan facility to fund the studies



  • Concepts of Graphics & Illustrations
  • Typography Design
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Concepts of Cinematography & Photography
  • Concepts of 2D Digital Animation
  • Art of Storytelling & Script Writing
  • Anatomy Study
  • Character Design
  • Digital Painting
  • Audio-Video Editing
  • Storyboarding & Animatics
  • Application of 2D Animation Principles
  • Design Portfolio


  • Broadcast Design
  • Digital Marketing & Media Concepts

  • 3D Basics – Modeling to Animation

  • Motion Graphics in 3ds Max

  • Rendering with 3ds Max Vray

  • Broadcast Design using Cinema 4D

  • Visual Effects & Compositing

  • Advanced Post Production Techniques

  • Broadcast Media

  • Broadcast Design Portfolio

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