Animation Film Design

AFD- Animation Film Design

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Pre-ProductionThis semester focuses on basic drawing skills for animation through study of design, anatomy, light & shade. You will prepare an e-project which will include pre-production of an original film concept.

  1. Basic Shapes & Sketching Techniques
  2. Anatomy Drawing
  3. Body Language & Expressions
  4. Lights, Colour & Perspectives
  5. Creating Digital Art
  6. Animation Concepts
  7. Concept Design, Development & Storytelling
  8. Techniques
  9. Scriptwriting for Animation
  10. Character Design & Development
  11. Acting & Voice Characterization
  12. Concept Art & Inspirational Sketches
  13. Visual Scripting with Film Language
  14. Storyboarding for Animatics
  15. Editing for Animatics
  16. Project




This semester concentrates on basic animation principles & timing for animation. It allows you to apply your knowledge of drawing & concentrate on 2D classical animation production - from drawing key frames to 2D digital post production - by adding dialogues, sound effects & background music, and final editing.

  1. Principles of Animation
  2. Timing for Animation
  3. Key Framing, In-betweening & Cleanups
  4. Digital Ink & Paint
  5. Animation Scene Planning
  6. 2D Animation Post-Production
  7. Showreel Development



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