Animation Program

AAIP- Arena Animation International Program

Course Highlights
  • Access Onlinevarsity: Onlinevarsity is Arena's learning app for students. You can have exclusive access to course material, discuss doubts & problems with professors, plan activities & projects, get reference material, etc.
  • Learn different techniques of animation including visualization, digital animation, lighting & camera techniques, paint effects, and motion graphics
  • Explore job opportunities in hundreds of companies around the world
  • Hands-on practical training using latest tools & techniques
  • Projects at regular intervals
  • Specialization in an area of your choice & a professional work portfolio
  • Industry interaction & workshops



Get graphic skills. Learn audio-video editing, digital filmmaking and designing for advertising.

  1. Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations
  2. Anatomy Study
  3. Typography Design
  4. Digital Illustrations
  5. Digital Painting
  6. 2D Animation Concepts
  7. Digital Filmmaking and Pre-production
  8. Production Planning - I
  9. Audio - Video Editing
  10. Storyboarding and Animatics Editing




Create a 3D animation portfolio. Learn 3D motion graphics, digital compositing & production planning.

  1. Clay Modeling & Animation
  2. 3D Basic - Modeling to Animation
  3. Modeling in 3D
  4. Lights, Camera and Materials
  5. 3D Motion Graphics and Fx
  6. Rendering with V-Ray
  7. Digital Compositing
  8. 3D Printing Concepts
  9. 3D Animation Portfolio 




Learn crowd simulation, projection mapping and augmented reality. Create your demo reel.

  1. 3D Basics - Modeling to Animation
  2. 3D Modeling
  3. Texturing, Lighting & Rendering
  4. Rigging
  5. Character Animation
  6. FX, Dynamics & Simulation
  7. Crowd Simulation
  8. Working with Arnold Renderer
  9. 3D Projection Mapping
  10. Production Planning - III


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